The Unconditional Love of a Dog: Exhausted Pursuit, Desperate for One Last Look at Its Beloved Owner.

When the owner got into the floral car and was about to depart, the dog followed him, leaning against the car’s body to peer inside so the owner could see.

As a result, Allen Ko’s family took this emotional photograph during a wedding he attended in Guangdong, China.

As if it wanted to express something, it dropped its ears and turned its eyes back to its mistress. Gougou appeared to understand that ojou-sama was going this time and would not return for a long time. People became tremendously emotional as a result of its ruined look.

Normally, the owner is extremely close to the dog, playing and caring for it, but when the owner boards the flower car, the dog’s sorrowful eyes appear to be begging the owner not to leave.

When the beautiful owner looked into the dog’s eyes, she received the same loving message, and whirlpools of tears erupted.

In response to the pet dog’s love, she put out her hand and gently rubbed the huge dog’s head, as she usually did.

The dog appears to believe that the owner will go for an extended period of time before returning (Photo courtesy of Bored Panda).According to the beautiful bride, Gougou has been with her for ten years, playing, sleeping, and wandering in the garden with her. It is clear that her childhood was spent with Gougou, and everything was done together.

The bride Carrie Ho’s confessions have helped to explain why the time of leaving is so emotional and nostalgic. Despite the fact that they are not the same species or speak the same language, the experience of growing up together has caused them to bond with one other in the most beautiful ways.

Dogs make excellent companions for humans because they are loyal and loving.

This isn’t the only story involving humans and their pets falling in love. Previously, many similar stories were recounted, such as the story of Hachiko, the dog who traveled to the station every day to wait for his master to return, even if his owner was unfortunate. and will never return.

Or stories of dogs who are prepared to die to defend their owners.

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