Barclay The Golden Retriever Befriended A Duck And They Are Inseparable Besties.

How many heartwarming animal friendships have we witnessed? Probably a lot. The internet is inundated with cute interspecies relationships that disprove the notion that only humans are capable of compassion and inclusion.

Our animals, like individuals of other species, are capable of building strong bonds. When they do, it’s adorable. We have surely witnessed some of these relationships in the form of animal friendships taking place in our own homes.

Rudy the duck and Barclay the golden retriever are in every way best friends. Despite the fact that the dog and duck have a strange love that is mostly motivated by food, it’s nice to see them spending so much time together. Pam Ishiguro of Orange County has seven ducks, one of which is Rudy. She added that her dog, Barclay, was not overjoyed when she originally purchased the flock of ducks.

The dog was initially indifferent in the ducks until he understood that friendship with them meant an unlimited supply of food. As their owner noted, Barclay likes eating the food that the ducks consume.

Regardless matter how they met, the duck and the dog are head over heels in love. Despite the fact that Rudy is the alpha duck in the pair and has a propensity to rule around lowly Barclay, Ishiguro noted that the two get along well.

As Ishiguro described it, they had a love-hate relationship. When they’re together, one is continuously following or leaping on the other, yet when they’re separated, they’re constantly shouting at each other. It appears that there are siblings involved. Watch the video below.

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