From Stray to Family: How a Policeman’s Love Transformed an Abandoned Dog’s Life

His life had only just begun, but for one little canine in Florida, things were already looking bleak.

The little puppy was dumped in the middle of the night on the back porch of the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), where he suffered near-freezing conditions until personnel discovered him the next morning. He’ll never be alone again, thanks to the goodwill of one police officer.

Officer Marcus Montgomery was shown the puppy at the request of a PAWS supervisor while responding to an unrelated complaint at the shelter. Montgomery said that their connection was immediate.

“She brings me this little guy, [and] he’s] chill, no whining, no barking, just chill,” Montgomery wrote on the image-sharing website Imgur. “So I finally get to hold him, and he immediately curls up in my arms.”

Montgomery and his girlfriend fostered and adopted the puppy, a procedure they were familiar with after taking in a pit bull called Vader from PAWS.

Along with his new big brother, the rescued dog will be given a Star Wars-inspired new name.

“We’re naming the new puppy Kylo,” Montgomery’s girlfriend said on Facebook.

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