A Heartbreaking Decision: The Regret of Leaving a Puppy Dressed and Upset on the Day of His Adoption

Consider getting suited up in a tuxedo just to be turned down at the last minute. Unfortunately, an adorable puppy dressed in a tuxedo met the same end. Vicente was all dressed up and ready to travel to his future home when his new “owners” contacted to cancel his adoption the day before he was supposed to be picked up.

The adorable puppy was supposed to be adopted from Fundacion Rescatame, a non-profit in La Calera, Colombia. On September 9th, the rescue uploaded tragic photographs of the adorable Vicente on their Facebook page after he was turned down on adoption day.

“Vicente’s claimed adoptive never arrived for him,” according to the article. When he was washed and ready for a home, he cancelled his adoption. Then they inquire as to why we are so severe with the procedure, and we inform them that it is because of this! We don’t want to have any questions about our animal companions’ care for the remainder of their life. If you wish to adopt a dog, remember that it’s a long-term commitment; animals aren’t something you can get rid of when you no longer want one.”

But, before you shed too many tears for the adorable puppy, keep in mind that there is a happy ending to this tale. The tweet received over 3,000 shares on social media, generating quite a commotion. It didn’t take long for the rescue to get many offers to adopt Vicente.

A few days later, he was adopted by a forever family that seemed to really care for and cherish their new puppy. The new family has even released new images of their adorable little canine, stating that they have adopted him.

While Vicente has found a loving, permanent home, the rescue still has 40 additional dogs waiting to be adopted. Over 200 dogs have been rehomed thanks to the efforts of the rescue this year. According to their Facebook profile, they are a “non-profit group that supports the battle against animal cruelty, as well as the rescue, protection, and care of abandoned animals.”

They also mentioned that their goal is to help all animals, regardless of breed, age, or gender. Because they believe that all animals are deserving to second chances.

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