He held his head and cried in loneliness, he begged the owner to let him in

This dog sat like this in front of his house for a month, and it was the neighbor that phoned us to take him away. He said that the dog’s owner chased him away, but the loyal dog refused to go. He’s waiting for the owner to open the door.

He is thin because he did not eat enough. I’m not sure why they abandoned such a devoted dog.

We took him away in the hopes of giving him a better new life. He was terrified of not knowing what was in store for him. That was the first time in his life that he had gone thus far.

Her abdomen was enlarged, according to the doctor. And the ultrasound results revealed that there was a lot of excrement in the abdominal cavity.

The physicians aggressively and devotedly treated him. He was adamant about not doing anything at times. He simply remained silent and glanced at the wall.

His health improved after more than a week. He did, however, need to stay for treatment. He was inquisitive and liked discovering his environment.

He was eventually freed ahead of time. It was the first time this dog had such a beautiful smile. He triumphed and is now embarking on a new adventure. Many lovely things are waiting for him ahead.

He was also given a joint tonic by the doctor. And it helps his leg a lot since it no longer hurts. He is upbeat and content with his new life.

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