Anubis Finally Has A Family That Wants To Make Up For All He’s Lost

Few dogs have been subjected to as many horrors and trials as Anubis. The poor dog was born in Cairo, Egypt. His early life was spent as a guard dog, chained to a property’s entryway day and night. He barked frequently, as any dog trained to guard a house would. Quite frequently. Mostly out of boredom.

He was barking, so they cut off his muzzle.


A member of the SNARR association who would eventually take care of Anubis, Lauren Connelly, remembers her initial family’s harshness with these words.

The owners, irritated by his constant yapping, brutally butchered the poor dog they had hired to protect them. He escaped and survived his injuries thanks to a miracle. It was the start of Anubis’ roaming existence, left to his own devices in Cairo’s streets. He dragged himself between automobiles for years, begged for food, and ran away from other dogs…

But life is full of surprises. Anubis is eventually taken in by the Animal Protection Foundation, a neighbourhood animal protection association. It’s the beginning of a new chapter.

Everything is falling into place for the unfortunate dog. SNARR, another association, eventually took control. To The Dodo website, Lauren Connelly, a member of SNARR, explains the goal of her association:

We have taken dozens of animals from this Egyptian association and are relocating them to the United States. In a country that cannot take care of them, these animals were sentenced to a horrible life.

And Anubis’ new life starts. SNARR has recently placed him with a long-term host family!

Anubis, of course, has difficulty eating due to his injury. But, throughout the years, he has honed a very specific style, the tilted head. He instantly warmed up to his new canine flatmate, a blind dog who had also been rescued from the street.

This El Paso, Texas, family will take care of Anubis for at least six months. But, according to reports, they get along so well that he’s highly likely to settle down for good!

Life had finally turned around for this poor dog who had gone through hell. We wish him the best in his new family!

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