Dog Abandoned At Gas Station Decides To Follow Nice Woman Home

 Leilani Wong and her husband were on a road vacation with their dog when they stopped at a petrol station in Stockton, California.

Wong observed a happy small puppy sniffing about her car while waiting for her husband to fill up the tank.

A stray dog follows a woman around a petrol station.

Wong told The Dodo, “I spotted her strolling around the petrol station, and she stopped in front of our car and was just gazing at me.” “And I’m banging my palm on the glass, like, ‘Are you seeing this?'” She then began following my husband around the car.”

The temperature outdoors was 105 degrees, and the dog was panting. Wong began asking around if the puppy belonged to anybody, but it came out that the gas station was a frequent disposal for unwanted animals.

When the dog refused to quit following Wong, she fed and watered him. The dog appeared to be extremely mistreated or homeless since she was so appreciative for the simple gesture of compassion.

Wong and her husband named the puppy Kaia and planned to accompany her on their road trip until they found a shelter that would accept her.

@leilaniewong When we rescued our sweet girl Kaia #rescue #dogrescue #dogmom ♬ original sound – Leilani Wong

“The first night, my husband slept in the car with her, and she was simply afraid, apprehensive, and shy,” Wong explained. “All she wanted to do was eat.”

Kaia was thoroughly devoted to her adoptive parents by the time they returned to Washington. Wong described her as “a tiny magnet.”

Wong took her to the vet for a thorough examination and began immunizations in order to prepare her for adoption. But Kaia was getting along so well with Wong’s other dogs that they couldn’t bear the thought of losing her.

Kaia still doesn’t grasp how to play with toys or what to do when given a bone or treat months later. But she’s gradually opening up, demonstrating to her mother what a loving and lively dog she can be.

“Her personality was first quite shy, fearful, uncertain of herself, and insecure,” Wong added. “However, her demeanor is now lovey, warm, cuddly, and glued to your hip.” You can’t even leave the room since she’s with you.”

Wong described her as “the nicest dog I’ve ever had.”

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