Home Rescue He laid motionless under raining beside the highway road desperate waiting for...

He laid motionless under raining beside the highway road desperate waiting for help



“While driving, I saw a dog laying down! But I had a feeling he was in danger! I went back… When I returned, he was merely laying in a pool of water beside the roadway in the rain!” Fahrudin Caki Bravo said


He was laying and it was as if he’d given up, as if he said, I can’t take it anymore!

“I could see he was in pain. I asked him, “Can we make a deal?” Don’t quit up just yet! I’m here! You don’t bite me (from the pain), and I’ll come to your aid! Okay?” Fahrudin said

Fahrudin brought him to the vet. X-rays will be taken to determine what is damaged! Internal injuries, like as bleeding, are of particular concern to the vet.

Maddox is his name, and he has the ability to operate. Vets were doing all they could to save his life, and after further talks with specialists, the spine operation would be performedoutside at the large Clinic.

“MADDOX, He’s on his way to the most crucial fight of his life! A surgeon is waiting for him, and he will attempt (spine surgery) to give Maddox a chance.”

He was very nice and intelligent, as if he knew what was going on and where they were headed!

Following the evaluation, the surgeon determined that surgery was not required. Because the odds are slim, nearly none will pass, and then it occurred, something akin to destiny! The surgeon said that he had a similar condition and he walked.

“I asked him, so can we try?” Said Fahrudin, the doctor answer “Well, I’m giving him a 10% chance!”

They rushed him to the operating room and the preparation area. Maddox had surgery! He awoke and is presently sleeping. He sleeps and takes a nap.

The first post-operative test will be performed in the following two or three days to determine if he is in “deep pain”! If he responds to “pinching with scissors,” he has a 50-50% probability of learning to walk with practice!

He’s seen comparable instances with a similarly injured spinal cord, and Maddox may never walk again owing to the serious lesion to his spinal cord. But his life will not come to an end! We’ll make certain that he has a wheelchair.

Six days after surgery! The prognoses are not encouraging. The vertebra had been crushed. Instead of grey, the spinal cord was blue. The vertebral damage was avoided. There is no longer any pain, which is unfortunate. According to estimations, he will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. But miracles do happen!

They will attempt the impossible! However, nothing is impossible!

After 16 days The Maddox is fantastic, sweet, and good! At least for the time being. He was able to stand on his own two feet! But that’s all I’ve got for now. After an hour, he wanted to return to his box.

You must not believe in miracles! However, miracles may occur! Vet believes he will walk since he is a strong warrior.


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