Heartbroken Shelter Dog Shuts Down When Her Best Friend Gets Adopted Without Her

Stillwater Animal Welfare (SAW) rescuers picked up a couple of dogs found running together through the busy Oklahoma City last month.

It’s not uncommon for SAW’s welfare officers to save numerous dogs at once, but they’re used to seeing rescued bonded street pups become increasingly self-sufficient.

The crew could tell right away that these two had a special relationship in this case.

“They travelled who knows how far,” one of SAW’s animal welfare officers, Ashlie Jerkes, told The Dodo, “but they always stayed together.”


The squad greeted the pair with warm arms and gave them the names Bonnie and Clyde. They refused to leave each other’s side even at the shelter.

“They served their stray hold in the same kennel together, where they seemed pretty close,” Jerkes told me.

The two dogs snuggled up together for the next three days as they decompressed and received medical attention. Despite their ongoing struggle with heartworm, Bonnie and Clyde eventually gained enough strength to be considered for adoption.

When they were briefly separated on the adoption floor, the two best friends couldn’t wait to see each other again.

“When we gave them outside time, they would just run together,” Jerkes told me.

Soon after, Bonnie found herself all alone in the shelter while Clyde was adopted by a loving family.

The heartbroken girl immediately missed her best buddy, and she began to lose hope that her happily-ever-after would arrive.

A welfare officer took a picture of her lying face-down on her cot one day and posted it to the shelter’s social media in the hopes of finding her a family.

“Bonnie is all alone since her bother got adopted,” she wrote on Facebook, “and she definitely misses having a sibling to cuddle with.”

Fortunately, their dream was granted sooner than planned.

“That was posted on Friday, and someone was in first thing on Monday to adopt her,” Jerkes went on to say.

Bonnie has finally found her dream home, and she couldn’t be happier.

“She’s already settling in!” Brayden Routh, Bonnie’s new mother, wrote in a Facebook comment. “She’s going to have the best life, full of adventures with her blue heeler-mix big sis.”

Bonnie’s adoption was only a few days ago, but her new family treats her as if she’s been with them forever.

And, while Bonnie will always remember her brother Clyde fondly, she is ecstatic about the adventures that await her.

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