13-Year-Old Dog Couldn’t Believe His Family Remembered His Birthday

Children aren’t the only ones who like birthday parties. Bailey, a senior dog, was pleased when his family threw him a party to commemorate his 13th birthday.

The day started with a snapshot of the birthday kid wearing a birthday hat standing with his family. His mother, Katie D’Souza, said on Facebook, “BAILEY, we wish you a very happy 13th birthday! He makes us so happy, and we love him!”

A birthday should be celebrated with candles, singing, and a candle-lit cake with a birthday wish. Bailey’s aunt and uncle handed him a new toy, and the whole family sang to him.

As his family sung “Happy Birthday,” the small dog couldn’t control his joy as he glanced at his birthday cake. He had to use all of his might to keep from licking the cake. After the song, his mother requested a kiss, which he readily accepted.

One of the most exciting components of a birthday celebration is making a wish by blowing out the candles on the cake. Katie assisted her pet dog by blowing out his candles. Bailey’s main wish for the day was that it would never end.

Bailey, have a happy birthday! We wish you many more happy and healthy years. All dogs deserve to be treated in this manner.

Bailey patiently waits for his family to sing to him in the video below.

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