Bonded pair finally finds their forever home after 346 days in the shelter

In a world where dogs have become fashion statements, convincing people to adopt rather than buy their furbabies is becoming increasingly difficult. What’s even more difficult is getting them to adopt two dogs so they can always be together.

That was the issue faced by Bangor Humane Society when they determined that Finn and Fiona could not be separated. They must be implemented in tandem.

Finn and Fiona are two pit bull terriers that have been best friends since they were babies. They’d been at Bangor Humane Society for for 300 days and were approaching their one-year anniversary. Because they are both elderly dogs, the shelter determined they needed to be in their permanent home together.

They also have a few extra needs.

“They are a connected couple, both 9 years old, looking for their forever home.” They must go together and aren’t searching for new dog companions in their senior years, so a home with no other dogs is required,” Bangor Humane Society posted on Facebook. “They’ll be OK among dog-savvy cats and children aged 16 and above.” They must also be fed separately since Fiona will take Finn’s portion if given the chance.”

It was a lofty task, but they had to do everything it took to give Finn and Fiona the happiest days of their lives. And it’s all together now.

There was a lot of interest in adopting them individually, which the shelter did not want. They knew they’d find someone who wanted to adopt them and keep them together. Finn and Fiona were aware of this, which is why they waited for their new parents with bated breath.

Meanwhile, they were having fun in the shelter. They had fun with each other. On sunny and even cloudy days, they spent time jogging on the grass. And they accomplished all of these things together.

Bangor Humane Society continues to observe this and knows they made the correct decision by keeping them together. They are senior dogs, and it will be difficult to allow them to live in a house where they will have to make several adjustments. It is preferable to let humans acclimate to them.

What’s more, guess what? Their perseverance has paid off!

At 346 days, just a few days before their one-year anniversary of residing at the shelter, a couple has adopted Finn and Fiona together! Yahoo!

“I appreciate you taking them together. “I’m sobbing because I know they’ll be in a permanent family together,” grumpy bear stated.

“That’s fantastic that you’re taking them together. “You’re fantastic,” Jean said.

The Bangor Humane Society is happy and relieved that they have found a lifelong home.

“It has been a terrific month for our long term doggos, thank you to everyone who had a part in this,” Bangor Humane Society said in a TikTok video.

See Finn and Fiona being taken to their new family in the video below.

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@bangorhumanesociety It has been a fantastic month for our long term doggos♡ thank you to everybody who had a part in this. #foreverhomed #bangorhumanesociety #rescuedogsoftiktok ♬ Yellow – Coldplay


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