Chalan, the puppy that went from being thrown from a car to the most spoiled of his work

This poor puppy had gone through abandonment, however, two men adopted him where they work and made him his vest and house

Fate occasionally intervenes and brings you into contact with excellent individuals or friends. Chalán is a puppy who, despite being abused when thrown from a truck, met two workshop employees who, moved, chose not just to give him a family, but all the attention he deserved, since they built him a lovely small house with a bed and even clothing for “chamba” days.

Workshop employees adopt an abandoned puppy

The dog is believed to be man’s greatest friend, and in many instances, they prove to remain with their loved ones through thick and thin. However, there are individuals who are cruel and treat them terribly, such as Chalán, who was thrown like rubbish from a van as a child.

In 2015, a Facebook post by a guy called scar Rangel went viral, recounting the adoption of the new member of the “Chalán” labor team, a gorgeous dog. According to the magazine, this dog was tossed from a vehicle and nearly stomped on.

“A white box California ranger model between 94 and 98 passed in front of my job, and without stopping or slowing down, they chucked this dog out the window into a vacant lot.” The good news is that he landed on top of a pile of weeds, which stopped the blow, and he emerged unscathed but terrified.” According to the post.

Although the guy did not provide many information about how they discovered him, the fact is that they saw him so little and helpless that it was difficult to ignore him and leave him behind, so he and his colleagues put their hands to work and fashioned him a security vest and even a modest cottage.

Without a doubt, this behavior affected many people since the small child appeared to be highly privileged. He was certainly better after the agony of being rejected.

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