Lonely On Street With No Friend & People Threw Stone At Her. How Could This Dog Find Her True Love?

According to The MoHo this sad puppy was found on August 20th. At the first sight at her you can imagine how much did she suffering.

People hurled stone/garbage at her, kicked her away, allowed her get bitten by other dogs, simply because she’s too ugly. when the rescue crew that found her pulled her up, practically all of her hair gone.

Luckily the unfortunate Juana still hasn’t lost her appetite, she completed all the food, that’s fairly vital for recovery. However, her skin problem is worse than they imagined, in the first 3 days, it only kept itching & bleeding.

With intensive skin treatment amid Juana’s great appetite, around 5 days, her skin got significant better. She also need to be shaved all of her old hair, to let new hair grow and simpler for skin topical cream.

Juana in 2 weeks after being rescued her first stroll in the sun after years

Due to significant skin effect, after almost a month, new hair still has not yet completely grown for Juana’s condition. her hair stuck, she’s cured and surrounded by affection, kisses, they speak to her gently and she wagged her tail.

Juana also found her new Mama 2 months after being rescued. It’s how wonderful she’s at her new residence. It appears she has the finest mom in the planet, to live surrounded by affection, giving me her first smiles and kisses…

After 2 years, she’s different now, isn’t she? she’s in a home, full of love!!!



“Juana is an angel, and it’s really an honor, an incredible joy to have been able to be by her side today” Said her mom.

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