She Snored Through Her First Safe Sleep Since Ex-Owner Tried To Kill Her 3 Times

Molly’s life has been terrible. Her abandoned owner attempted to kill her three times. She fled her life of pain and misery with just a skin condition. She started to lose her hair as a consequence of the untreated condition, but it was nothing that a little medication couldn’t fix.

All of her horrible days are now in the past. Molly slept well for the first time since Sidewalk Specials rescued her. She could finally get a decent night’s sleep knowing she won’t be battered again.

Molly now seems to be a completely different dog. She had skin treatments, and all of her gorgeous white furs grew back. She has now been adopted and always has a grin on her face.

Molly’s mother had an instant connection with her when she first saw her. She felt she had to open up to this gorgeous little pup and welcome her into her life. Molly now has a comfortable place to sleep in as well as canine siblings to play with.

You’re going to like Molly’s AMAZING transformation in the video below. Also, be sure to watch it all the way through; it’s absolutely AMAZING!



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