She Tossed Out Of The Car To Busy Highway And Despite Knowing That, She Kept Waiting For Her Owner To Come Back For Her


She crawled from the center of the busy roadway to the side. She had been thrown from a car, according to the evidence. Thousands of people passed past, yet no one noticed her. She waited for a long time before a kind stranger came out to assist her.


She was afraid and didn’t understand why she was there. She appeared to be looking for the owner who had evicted her. Fortunately, no fractures or dislocations have occurred.

Her hip had previously been shattered and  boiled. Her hemogram is a little off. Her biochemistry, liver and kidney levels, and triple test results are all normal.

Her entire body has been shaved and she has been bathed in medicated shampoo.

She regains her composure and believes in her rescuers. She has totally recovered and can now walk. Thank you very much for all of your assistance and donations in saving her life.



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