Special-Needs Dog Was Told She’s A Monster & Too Ugly For A Home

When this tiny puppy called “Freddie Mercury” was suffering at a shelter, it was difficult to see beyond her outward looks. She needed 17 teeth pulled.

Her tiny body was twisted indefinitely, and one of her paws developed at an unnatural angle. Regardless, this puppy deserves a happy life. People, on the other hand, found it difficult to see beyond her outer looks.

Fortunately, there are angels who are unconcerned by an animal’s appearance. They just care about what that animal deserves!

One of the ladies, Angela, has the kindest heart. She spotted Freddie at the shelter and knew she couldn’t leave her there, despite the fact that no one wanted her.

Angela had brought Freddie with her. When she first saw Freddie struggle to stand and walk, she had a lighting moment.

She knew Freddie would be a medical struggle, but she was determined to persevere and be patient. That’s just what Freddie needed!

Freddie’s new mother demonstrated what it felt like to be unconditionally loved. As Freddie gained confidence and recognized her mother was a constant in her life, she started to show her appreciation on a daily basis.

Angela would give her the most tender kisses. “Thank you for rescuing me, Mom!” Freddie rolled onto her back.

Freddie’s mother was constantly questioned how she could dedicate so much time and affection to a dog that may not live long, and her answer was straightforward: because she deserves it!

She said, “Life is brief, and all you have to do is live for today.” Angela is a sensible woman!

Since she took Freddie into her house, his demeanor has dramatically altered. She feels more comfortable now that she knows she is loved and protected.

She wakes up every day certain that she will have all she needs. She has pet siblings and a mother who cherishes her.

Many people felt Freddie looked like a monster, but Angela disagreed. Angela believes she’s stunning!

This is one of our favorite rescue tales of all time. Dogs with unique needs have the right to happiness, too. Don’t deprive yourself!

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