Stray dog evades security and crosses the US border, was well received

A dog that aspired to live the American dream by crossing the border between Tijuana, Mexico, and San Diego, California, without incident. The agents caressed the naughty.

The boundaries are believed to be one of the most protected locations. A little dog that traveled without incident from Tijuana, Mexico to San Diego, California, became popular on Facebook. This dog lawfully crossed the borders’ dividing walls in pursuit of the “American dream,” and he managed another territory without proper papers.

Social networks exploded when they learned that a beige dog managed to advance to the border until it entered the pedestrian checkpoint. The fact that this dog lined up properly and was allowed to enter as a person made people laugh the loudest.

The dog that flouted the limits of the border

It is assumed that this incident took place along the border between San Diego, California, and Tijuana, Baja California Sur, Mexico. When he realized that he had succeeded in living the “American dream” for a little period, the information that a dog was waiting in line to enter American territory managed popularity.

Five images of Mariana Corey were used as proof to show how she successfully snuck between people and lawfully crossed the street on foot as if nothing had happened.

This dog calmly followed his instinct and continued going as if nothing were wrong, despite the fact that many humans risk their lives to cross. His spontaneity and consideration led him to carry on his journey.

The very wicked dog was able to enter without any issues and without anyone noticing, so the border patrol officers (CBP) did not hesitate to caress him when they became aware of the security measures. This dog was welcomed without being physically repelled thanks to laughter and an entertaining narrative.

A story that, without a doubt, can only be believed after viewing the images. It has been posted several times on social media since this dog went on an experience that many people will never forget.

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