The dog came every day for food and took it in a bag to the underpass. The man followed it

Ivan worked as a crane operator on a building site. After another long day of work, the guy decided to take a shortcut home since he was exhausted, and he picked the path that ran across the courtyards of houses. Then he realized he was being followed by a dog.

The animal’s look indicated that it lived on the street. But the man was shocked because the dog was holding a bundle between its mouth. So they strolled together till the man returned home. Ivan went straight to work making his own supper at home since he was starving. He peered out the window at this point and noticed the same dog that had been following him all the way. It had an extremely sorrowful expression on its face.

The man suspected that the dog was starving, so he brought sausage and bread to feed the unfortunate creature.

Ivan chose to observe the four-activities legged’s from the window. The dog, to his amazement, packed all the food in a bag and went.

Ivan ran across the dog again three days later. It came to Ivan for work this time. It was waiting for him by the door as the man was heading up to his floor for another share of sweets for the dog. It was bacon and toast today. The dog performed the same thing with the food as the previous time.

The following time, the guy resolved to pack all of the food in a bag and follow the dog. So they traveled for almost a kilometer before the dog turned to the subway, where an elderly guy was sitting on the steps.

The package was given to the dog by its owner, who divided its contents in half. He handed half of it to a loyal buddy.

Ivan was deeply moved by the dog’s actions, which assisted its owner through a tough point in his life.

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