The Dog’s Timorous, Hiding In A Corner, Put His Head Down To Stay Away From Everything!

Volunteers from Projeto Orelhinha Dog discovered him lying on the sidewalk with a hole full of maggots on his body. He didn’t even make a move. However, when they attempted to approach him, he was extremely suspicious. He couldn’t lift his head to look, a fearful expression on his face. He must have been through a lot…

They were able to quickly rescue him.

“We went to the location, applied a bandage, and gave him medicine. He was very anemic, but we’ll give him a few days and then do the blood transfusion if he doesn’t improve.”

They named him Azulo like the blue bird of the same name (because he was blue when they found him due to a spray they put on him)

“Go Boy! Everything will be fine because you are a warrior and will survive this. I’m here today to care for your wounds and your anguish; I’m here to care for you!!!”

Full stomach, medication taken, and dressing applied!!! Now is the time to take a short break since there will be more later.

He’s eating properly and taking his medicine correctly, so the wound is considerably better. With confidence in God, everything will be alright, and you won’t even need a blood transfusion!

His mood swings are extreme at times. He appears depressed and appears to be sobbing. He suffered greatly, so veterinarians worked tirelessly to heal both his body and psyche.

He’s growing better by the day, eating correctly, taking his medication, and getting plenty of affection.

They took him to the vet again, and his progress is excellent.

He was nearly dead, but he’s becoming stronger and more lovely by the day. He is such a sensitive young man, delving deeper and pondering about something no one knows about.

They rescued him from a dire condition, but thank God, he reacted well to therapy and is doing much better. He likes going on walks in the sunshine.

“When we rescued him, all he had was skin and bones and a massive wound on his neck full with bugs, but now he has a new life, be healthy and happy!”

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