They reject her because she was born without eyes and consider sacrificing her because she didn’t deserve anyone’s love

Precious is a chihuahua dog that was born with unusual issues. From the initial days of her infancy, her owners noted that her head seemed a bit bigger than the other puppies, but opted not to give it any attention.

Over time they began to notice that something weird was also occurring with their eyes. It looked to have no pupils and they intended to just get rid of it.

The owners had had a litter with hopes of giving them all up for adoption. However, they were confident that no one would accept a hairy girl like Preciosa and concluded that the best thing would be to end her life.

The adorable canine suffered the harshest punishment before reaching her first week of life and would exit this world without feeling the comfort of a loving home .

Fortunately, the tragedy of unfortunate Preciosa reached the ears of a very caring woman: Dina Sánchez Lemus.

“An acquaintance informed us that he had a dog that did not open her eyes and had a bigger skull than normal. He stated they were going to put her down since she was just going to ‘suffer,’” Dina recounted.

Since before meeting the dog, Dina dreaded for her fate. She implored the owners not to hurt her. She would take care of Precious and give her a happy life.

In addition, Dina adopted another of the siblings from the litter and took the two chihuahuas home. Preciosa’s first days were not easy , but her owner was patient and gave her all the support in the world.

“They reject pups with impairments but they are happy like any other pet. They only need the appropriate person for them”, said a user in the networks.

Preciosa’s small eyes hadn’t matured therefore the fluffy one had a lot of problems walking . She was continuously knocking into all the furniture and walls, but gradually time she understood where everything was . She is currently a very happy and lively small puppy. They just need help.

All pups deserve to enjoy a happy life. It is not fair that many breeders or pet owners opt to just get rid of those who are born with special needs without trying to give them the opportunity they so rightly deserve.

Add your voice and share this rescue to raise awareness for puppies like Preciosa. I wish everyone gets the same success as this lovely chihuahua.

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