They rescue a dog that was used for street fights, he cries when they give him a bed

Manchas is a very gregarious and well-liked Pitbull Terrier dog in his neighborhood, but he wasn’t always like that because his previous owners exposed him to street fights, didn’t properly feed him, and he acquired skin cancer.

This dog had given up hope until he broke free from the chains that had bound him and stumbled into a family who took him in and healed him. He couldn’t believe it when they bought him his first bed and started crying because the nights of cold, heat, or mosquitoes were past, and he thanked the angels who rescued him with licks.

The Tragic Story of Stains

Abigail Castro tells Bunko a story about Manchas, a long-suffering dog. According to the story, this dog arrived at her house alone, and she was moved to see the poor condition in which he was, with injuries, unkempt fur, and a sad look, so she did not think about it anymore and took him to the vet, where he was diagnosed with skin cancer, malnutrition, and infected wounds.

She had no idea who owned this dog, so she started to hunt for the owner on social media, where an anonymous source informed her that it belonged to some neighbors and was used for unlawful street fights.

“He told me that his owners had him fight other dogs… He was only untied for fights.”

He tried to contact people, but they didn’t seem interested, so he took responsibility for him and adopted him into his family at that time.

When they give Manchas his first bed, he sobs.

The nights were long, the days were hot, and no one seemed to care about him after sleeping on the ground with a chain imbedded in his skin and insects annoying his wounds. His new family not only offered him refuge, they treated him of his skin illnesses, they gave him food and played with him. What more could he want?

After noticing stains on the beds of her other dogs, his owner collected money one day; she was obviously curious, but she never approached. So, because he is a Pitbull Terrier dog, she decided to get him one that is the right size for him, so she looked around and found the perfect bed.

Although it was a typical gift for her, he considered it as the best gift since when Abigail told him it was his, he went to bed crying. She was surprised; she had no idea he was crying, but tears flowed from his eyes.

“He is now very pleased; he began weeping the day we bought him the bed; I have a snapshot of him crying in his bed.”

She told him he deserved it since, despite his past, he was an exceptional dog, very well behaved and brave. He has erased all of the negativity and is well-liked by everyone; he plays with the local kids, keeps the neighbors company at night, and if an intruder tries to tamper with his Manchas family, he will not hesitate to use force.

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