University students adopt rescued puppy, he is the best classmate

 A little puppy now spends days of games and fun at an educational campus after a student rescued him and took him to her university.

Adopting a dog provides him with not just water, food, and shelter, but also the chance to feel loved and protected. A student from the Autonomous University of Baja California- UABC in Ensenada, Mexico decided to bring a rescued puppy to the educational facilities, and the puppy was supposedly so well received by the students and staff that she takes it playing with everyone.

It only takes a little affection to give a puppy the most loyal friend, and this puppy appears to be having a good time and wasting love on everyone at the university because the students spend their time scratching his belly and even playing with him, possibly providing the emotional support they require when they are stressed.

A university student saves a puppy and takes him to her school, where he is well welcomed.

According to the TikTok of user babyraccon1, a student from said university rescued an adorable small puppy and brought him to school, and while students usually do not bring their pets and there may be someone who is bothered by the presence of a dog, it was quite the opposite in this case, as the students were very happy to receive it.

“A student chooses to adopt a puppy and bring it to university.”

As he explains in another video, it was the sports students that adopted him and chose to give him the love and home he so well deserves. You can see how the enormous puppy wants to play with them when they are studying or sitting in their chairs.

“The athletes decide to get a puppy.”

Users on TikTok dubbed him “the university dog,” and although the identity has not been disclosed, what is certain is that he smashed everyone in the room. It is worth noting that it is unknown if he lives on campus or has a little home; nonetheless, according to what he says in the video, he was adopted by everyone and is now the devoted school buddy of all those who come by.


This is a good illustration of how small efforts may make a big impact in the life of a stray dog or cat.

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