Woman rescues a dog from the street whose leg was broken and changes her life forever

 After living on the streets with a broken leg, Blueberry was rescued by a noble woman who offered her a new life in her warm home.

On her walk to work, Shena loves gazing at the wide blueberry fields that side the road, but she regularly observes a lot of garbage nearby, too, and sometimes sees coyotes prowling the area. However, one day she spotted a ‘ black rubbish bag ‘ moving extremely strangely.

Although she was going to overlook the ‘ black plastic bag ‘, she continued driving, as her instinct prompted her to turn around. Walking along the busy road, she found a lonely small black dog curled up in the blueberry bushes and worst of all, she had a fractured paw.

“I was astonished,” Shena told The Dodo . “Her eyes of hers expanded and a flood of pure relief rushed over me,” she continued. Likewise, she gently approached the dog, trying not to startle her, she even called her repeatedly, but it was impossible for her to hear her owing to the loudness of the automobiles going on the hazardous road.

Shena observed that the dog was gravely hurt , as one of her legs looked to be dangling awkwardly, so she wanted to get aid as quickly as possible, but the unfortunate dog still mistrusted humans , and raced away from her. “At one point I lost sight of her and I felt terribly worried,” Shena recounted. “Then I began to panic,” she stated.

The woman also mentioned that she was worried about losing sight of her and that she would be left suffering alone. “I began running along the edge of the blueberry field, gazing at each row,” Shena recounted. But after what seemed like forever, she found her again and hurriedly grabbed a fanny pack from her vehicle to turn the leash into a dog leash.

Once she got the homemade dog leash, Shena approached the dog very gently and was able to entice her into her vehicle. “My heart erupted with delight,” the woman stated. “I was so happy that I was going to be able to assist her.” To achieve this, she brought her to the RAPS Animal Hospital , where the veterinarians started to work healing her fractured leg .

Soon enough, it became evident that Shena would never be able to leave with her new buddy , whom she called Blueberry after the spot where they met. The dog that was previously suspicious of people is now the most loving in the world. “She’s also an amazing ham and she can be funny,” the woman claimed.

Shena is very pleased she stopped driving that day as she was able to save a life and get a new best friend with whom she has enjoyable family moments. “She makes insanely cute pixie sounds when she’s thrilled. She’s eager to please. She also does everything a thousand percent,” the woman stated.

“[Blueberry] has underlined how genuinely magnificent, loving, forgiving and trusting dogs (and animals ) can be when handled with love, kindness, respect and compassion. I’m very grateful that we found each other,” Shena ended. Here is a video of her rescue to her new life:


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