A pregnant dog’s family has abandoned her at the door as she waits day and night for them.

A German woman who lives in Costa Rica assisted in the rescue of an abandoned pregnant dog who was waiting for her family to return by the front door of her former home.

Tania Cappelluti, a yoga instructor in Costa Rica, helped found Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue Costa Rica (CAARCR) after seeing how many stray pets there were.

She recently received a message from the family’s neighbor about the pregnant dog who had been left behind.

The dog was leaning against the house, her pregnant belly revealing that she was due to give birth any day.

Tania wrote on Facebook on August 16: “This is so unbelievable.” “I’m not sure how people can do this to their dogs.”

“They moved away, leaving their pregnant dog behind,” she left on. “There is no food or water.” With a big belly, she’s on her own. The poor girl is now sitting in front of the door day and night, waiting for her people to return home.”

Tania’s neighbor was able to care for the dog while she sought aid because she was back home in Germany at the time.

Fortunately for the pregnant dog, now called Marie, Wynn Mackey, a CAARCR volunteer, agreed to care Marie.

Marie was made to feel at ease in his home, and 10 days later she gave birth to seven healthy puppies!

Marie was beaming.

CAARCR will find them forever homes now that Marie and her puppies are safe and healthy. A nice ending for what might have gone wrong. “It’s amazing how quickly things can change for a dog in the smallest amount of time… for the worst, but also for the better,” Tania wrote. “Marie is certainly in a better place today.”

You can find out more about CAARCR’s rescue efforts and dogs available for adoption on their Facebook page.

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