Deer creates special bond with dog over fence and comes back every day to visit

Always he waited for her with eagerness and passion, and every single day, these two BFFs get together to “catch up.”

Interspecies friendship has been documented throughout history. This is especially true when diverse types of animals share a home.

Spending the entire day together obviously results in a particular relationship between the animals. We’ve heard stories about dogs and cats getting along like family.

It’s always heartwarming to see interspecies friendship.

But what about creatures that do not get along? Holly Faulconer observed a deer coming by to take some seeds from her bird feeder one day. She found the deer amusing instead of shooing it away.

But, not long after, the juvenile deer, whom she called Sassafras, began to appear for an entirely different reason. Holly’s dog, Huey, became a companion for her.

They formed an unbreakable relationship.

Holly rescued Huey nine years ago, and they’ve been closest friends ever since. Huey adores Holly and is very protective of his furmom.

Knowing this, Holly was surprised when her dog began to show symptoms of wanting to befriend Sassafras rather than regarding the curious deer as a threat.

Huey felt at comfortable in the presence of Sassafras.

“Huey was a bit bewildered at first and obviously wary,” Holly said of her dog’s reaction to the deer. “I’d just talk to them both and make sure they were both safe.” They just started conversing over the fence slowly!”

They quickly warmed up to each other and became friends. We’ve heard of numerous animals developing incomparable bonds, but it’s unusual to hear of a dog and a deer becoming pals.

It is really valuable.

Holly shared a video of Huey and Sassafras bonding across the fence on Instagram. Despite the physical barrier between them, she was able to catch a wonderful moment of the two creatures spending time together.

“This deer comes by a couple times a week,” Holly wrote warmly. “It took a few trips, but they’re finally pals.”

The video drew a lot of attention right away.

As of this writing, the post had received over 147 thousand likes and over 1,100 comments. People are clearly moved by Huey and Sassafras’ touching bond.

The fact that the cute deer comes by every day to see her furry companion proves that they are now more than acquaintances.

It’s the purest kind of friendship.

In the footage, they appeared to be catching up rather quickly. I’m curious what they’re talking about. Perhaps they’re attempting to find out how to remove the fence from the photo!

The footage was so lovely that several commenters wondered if it was all genuine! “Okay, after looking at this again, is this real?” one commenter asked. Did you truly capture this? Is that your pooch? Was this actually what happened? Photoshop? Omg!”

To our delight, everything is genuine, and Holly witnesses it every day. Isn’t she a lucky lady?

Huey and Sassafras demonstrated that friendship knows no boundaries—a great lesson from a dog and a deer.

See one of Sassafras’ trips in the video below.

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