Devoted Dog Dad Takes Ill Labradoodle On A Final Mountain Hike In A Wheelbarrow To Say Goodbye

 Monty was battling leukemia and couldn’t get around like he used to, so his owner found a heartwarming way to take him on one last hike. What a beautiful thing to do. Rest in peace, Monty

As pets age, they may find it more difficult to move around. Senior dogs’ movement might be hampered by old age and sickness.

But it’s also the time when you want to make your pet’s days particularly special: knowing they may not have much longer, you want to take them on adventures and build memories with them. And other owners devise novel techniques to assist their elderly canines in getting around.

Like one man who devised a one-of-a-kind way to take his dying dog on one more wonderful journey.

Carlos Fresco would accompany his 10-year-old Labradoodle, Monty, everywhere. He’d take the dog on several treks and walks. But when Monty was diagnosed with leukemia, he realized the dog’s time was over.

Carlos told SWNS, “I knew Monty was dying since his illness had returned.” “He was diagnosed 18 months ago and did really well on treatment.” However, his leukemia reappeared eight weeks ago, and he deteriorated swiftly.”

But Carlos still wanted to have one big experience with Monty, so he took him to one of their favorite hiking sites in Wales, the Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons.

While Monty was no stranger to hiking, his worsening health made it difficult for him to go about. Carlos was concerned that his dog would be unable to reach the summit.

As a result, he improvised. He assisted his pal in climbing the slope… in a wheelbarrow!

They climbed the hill together. Many other hikers were drawn to the wheelbarrow. When they learnt of Monty’s plight, several people “cried a tear” and offered to assist push him up the hill, according to Carlos.

“That small boy changed so many people’s lives,” Carlos told SWNS. “He made everyone he came into contact with smile and take a minute to think on how life isn’t always that horrible.”

Monty, he claims, enjoyed all the attention and fuss around his journey.

It turned out to be the dog’s final journey: Monty died on June 21.

While Carlos was obviously saddened by the loss of his dog, he was glad for the memorable final journey they took together and thanked everyone who was impacted by his tale for their condolences.

“He was a very unique young man.” God bless you, and good night, little fella.”

Monty, rest in peace. We’re delighted you had one more excursion with your adoring owner.

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