Eclipse dies, the dog who traveled alone by truck and returned home without anyone’s help

The death of the dog Eclipse was publicized, and her narrative made her famous by not requiring anybody to hop on the truck that took her to the park where she played.

In Seattle, Washington, a very specific dog named Eclipse was well known by residents who took the same bus as her, and that is that she was frequently seen getting on the D line without any companion, to reach her destination: the park where she met her furry friends to spend very fun afternoons running and playing. Her story surprised more than one, and now her death has been announced .

Eclipse’s death was reported on her official Facebook page, where her owner Jeff Young wrote that she was suffering from cancer, a disease that took her life. The canine was a cross between a black labrador and a mastiff, and everyone is devastated by her death. Her celebrity was so enormous that she had up to 89 thousand followers on her networks after travelling fully alone and returned to her house within hours.

Eclipse was a super sweet, world-famous, bus riding dog and true Seattle icon.

You brought joy and happiness to everyone and showed us all that good dogs belong on the bus. pic.twitter.com/YhSFjNGU05

— King County Metro 🚏 🚌🚎⛴🚐 (@KingCountyMetro) October 14, 2022

Eclipse, the Seattle dog who was traveling alone in a truck, dies

Eclipse has been traveling the dog bus alone from downtown Seattle to the dog park since 2015, where she was much liked by her animal pals with whom she played and exercised. The canine would then board the same bus as any other person to return to her small house, where food was waiting for her.

This was the routine that made this dog very popular in the city, and after noticing her pet’s skill, her owner decided to leave her be and put her own bus pass around her neck. The narrative that the canine learnt is really unexpected and illustrates the incredible intellect of canines once again.

Jeff Young recalls that he took that same truck every day with his dog Eclipse, but one day she became frustrated since he hadn’t finished conversing with a friend, so she just boarded the urban transportation alone and took to the park. Her routine altered after that, and her owner decided to create her own Facebook account to share her pet’s antics.

Now, using the same method, he announced her death, which occurred on October 14, at 7 a.m., owing to malignant tumors. Her followers, for their part, expressed their sympathies in her comments, as well as presenting comparable incidents of her dogs suffering from the same disease.

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