If only he could speak: Blind senior dog found ‘curled up in a little ball by the roadside’

The DSPCA found a senior dog, considered to be approximately 12-years-old, near Dublin, Ireland; the canine had been “curled up in a small ball beside the roadside.”

The dog is blind and has severe dental condition, according to the company’s Facebook page. Nobody knows how long he had been stranded on the side of the road.

“If he could only talk, we could ask him what happened, how long he endured, who abandoned him, was he ever loved, was he ever wanted?”

The dog, thought to be a Bichon, had extremely irritated skin from his paws to his shoulders and, understandably, did not want his rescuers to approach him. The dog, now known as “McDreamy,” was filthy, matted with excrement lodged directly into his coat, and unable to see since the fur covered his eyes.

McDreamy is finally protected, but his awful history follows him. Many thanks to the kind soul who discovered him on the side of the road and phoned for assistance.

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