Meet Famous Puppy ‘Oreo Cloud’ Who Now Becomes A Gorgeous Fluffy 85-Pound Dog

If you ever fall in love with a dog, you will understand that there is no coming back. Whether you have never loved a dog before or have often been perplexed by individuals who like them, you will end up adoring and admiring them in the same way.

Dogs have always been humans’ greatest friends, and it’s no surprise given how adorable, gentle, and affectionate they are. If you’re a dog lover, you’ve probably heard about this ‘Oreo Cloud,’ whose photographs went viral on the internet.

With its distinctive coat and lovely eyes, Oreo Cloud or this little sweetie captivated the hearts of everyone on the internet back in his young days. He looked like a small teddy bear back then, but as we all know, puppies grow up fast. Just consider your dog.

If you compare his images from when he first came into the house to his pictures today, you will notice a significant change, and while we all adore how lovely they are as puppies, we can’t stop them from growing up.

So, after one and a half years, you’ll be shocked with how this Oreo Cloud looks. This one has grown from a lovely small pup to a massive lion weighing over 80 pounds, so you can imagine how enormous he is.

“He likes playing with other dogs and children,” his owner Sara remarked. “Now that he’s older, he’s proven to be a very patient dog who is eager to learn, but he’s still as wonderful, if not more, than the day we acquired him.”

So, scroll down to view these gorgeous photos of the Oreo Cloud and how he has grown up over time, and I am confident you will fall in love with him. Remember to share these images with your friends as well!




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