Sad dog buries her deceased puppy, she tries to protect him even after his death and does not leave until she covers everything

Nothing is more devastating for a mother than the death of a kid; moms in the animal world, like human women, are overprotective. Bettie, a dog, experienced a terribly sad moment when one of her puppies died, and after hours of attempting to resuscitate him, she decided she couldn’t do it any longer and let him go. According to her owner, the unfortunate dog went by herself to bury the dying puppy’s body, a tragic incident that was recorded on film.

Lenny Rose Ellema, the owner of the dog Bettie, who was four years old at the time when the footage was released in September 2020, can be seen digging a trench and burying her dying doggie, covering her entire body.

According to the newspaper Diario Sevilla Rose from Pangasinan province, Philippines, stated that her four-year-old dog had lost her baby puppy, and her instincts led her to want to revive him by showing her maternal instincts, taking care of him, and even having gone through the same thing a year before, when one of her previous puppies died while giving birth.

He also added that she was a particularly special dog since her owners did not educate her to do so; rather, it came naturally to her. Bettie was distraught, and the dog can be seen with her child, pouring dirt into the grave, guarding him even in death.

This move is both touching and terrible, since it appears that he wished to shelter him from the outer world and offer him a holy burial. Some experts believe they do it instinctively to avoid predators from being drawn to the body and jeopardizing the entire litter.

It’s painful to witness this video of a dog burying one of her precious kids, which has over 14 thousand views. The dog was OK months later, according to additional footage provided by the same user.

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