Senior Dog Nearing The End Wipes Away Her Best Friend’s Tears

“He started cleaning my face. I could feel that he was letting me know that everything was going to be okay.”

For the past 19 years, this cute little puppy named Simba has been responsible for cheering up his devoted girlfriend, Mya Monay Davis. They’ve never been able to split up.

Mya informed The Dodo “I’ve known Simba since we first met, and we’ve become good friends.” I wouldn’t have wanted a different dog as my childhood best friend.”

Unfortunately, after spending so much time together, small Simba’s light is now diminishing, despite the fact that the love in his heart has never been brighter.

As a result of his persistent health concerns, Simba’s aged body has slowed. She had recently felt as if she was reaching the end of her life. Mya was upset by the prospect of having to “put Simba to sleep” in order to stop her suffering.

Every moment she spent with the dog became more precious, exactly as this beautiful incident she captured on video.

“I had my best friend’s death in mind,” Mya explained. While they were both spread out on the ground, she was comforting him to let go. A veterinarian suggested me to put him to death, but I didn’t want to, especially if the time wasn’t appropriate. I burst into tears as I assured him that he would be OK during the conversation.

Simba did something extraordinary at the time, but it was wonderfully reflective of his gentle personality.

Simba told Davis, in his own gentle way, that even as the end of his life approached, he could be pleased he got to share it with her.

“I’ll be at rest as long as I know he’s going to be OK,” Davis added.

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