Owner Dumps Blind Puppy Covered In Filth, No One Wants To Adopt Him At Shelter

Batty, a blind Bulldog, was fully covered in excrement when his owner abandoned him at the Sacramento SPCA.

The owner said he couldn’t care for the crippled 5-month-old puppy, but the workers had their doubts.

Batty’s predicament looked to be a failed backyard breeding game, and the breeder most likely rejected him because a blind puppy could not be profited from.

Batty had a huge abscess on his chin that was properly treated. The puppy soon evolved into a nice and easygoing youngster deserving of a loving home as the workers began to care for and nurture him.

However, the vet discovered that his blindness was caused by a rare congenital birth defect. Nobody wants to adopt a permanently blind dog.

Despite the fact that Batty’s future seemed gloomy, the cheerful puppy remained unfazed. He spent his days at the shelter happily playing with Bueller, another disabled pup.

When Bueller was adopted, however, the workers knew they needed to do something to help the lonely Batty.

The workers posted Batty’s story on social media and made a frantic plea for his adoption. Cassidy Kraus and Brett Weyers, a Wisconsin couple, discovered Batty and knew he belonged with them right away.

The couple already had a blind dog named Soto, and they knew Batty would fit right in.

Cassidy, Brett, Soto, and the kids immediately embarked on a 33-hour journey to Sacramento to retrieve Batty. It was an emotional moment when the exhausted family finally met the cherished pooch!

Batty was happy as he visited his new family, and he simply lost his mind as he embraced his huge doggie brother, who resembled him!

Despite being born into a dismal life, Batty has happily discovered his beam of sunshine. This shining soul has been renamed Ago, and he is unquestionably a pampered brat in his new surroundings.

With his sunny disposition and soothing presence, he has made his family complete in every way!

Watch Batty/incredible Ago’s journey of battling evil and discovering his rightful home in the video below.

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