The Dog That Stole His Owner’s Teeth Becomes Viral On The Internet

 Those of us who have pets know that even their pranks may win our hearts; with their sensitivity, they always end up making us fall in love, even if we have damaged shoes, furniture, and had to give up the most comfortable place to snooze.

Milo the Jackapoo is a dog that grabbed his owner’s dentures from a bedside drawer and placed them in her mouth without hesitation.

The photographs of the dog with dentures that circulated on social media did not cease generating remarks.

Milo was shot with the camera smiling with the teeth he stole from a drawer of a cabinet in his owner’s bedroom, who had no idea he was capable of stealing it.

The owner of the eight-month-old puppy, Stacie Owen of Llandudno, Wales, was astonished but also in tears of laughter when she realized what her pet had done.

Milo was so taken with his new teeth that he tried to pull them out of Stacie many times since she initially placed them in.

“I was wondering why he was so quiet, and I discovered him in the bedroom with my mother’s old dentures,” Stacie said.

He admitted that Milo enjoys having stuff in his mouth and feels extremely happy when he acquires one; every time they go for a stroll, the dog brings something home with him.

“I’m dying, please pardon my laughter,” he added. “His antics are on Instagram and Facebook, follow him to see more.”

Stacie was quick to seek for Milo’s phone when he put on his dentures and managed to video it amid his burst of laughter. She sought for him minutes before since she thought it was weird that her pet had been silent for so long.

Milo had new teeth and was eager to show them off, therefore something weird was occurring. He had learned to open drawers a few days previously, so his owner needed to be prepared and not keep anything that may be hazardous or with which she could cause mischief within her grasp.

Milo is a Jackapoo, a cross between a Jack Russell and a small poodle, sometimes known as a toy poodle. His attitude and looks might be inherited from either his father or mother.

Milo now has thousands of followers as a result of the video in which he grins with the prosthetic device.

According to Stacie’s Instagram profile, she advertises her services as a pet sitter and publishes images of the dogs she looks after while their owners are at work.

Milo also has an Instagram profile, where he is characterized as a denture thief, a stick lover, and someone who airs his bits.

“If there are no dogs in paradise, I want to go where they have gone,” Stacie said on her profile, expressing her love for animals.

“Thank you, you made me laugh, my dog did this and I wet myself,” several people said in response to Milo’s video. I couldn’t even say anything. You made my day. This laugh came at the perfect time. He is the most adorable.”

Surely, these scenes will brighten anyone’s day, so don’t leave without sharing them.

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