The Little Puppy Who Was Afraid of Humans After So Much Misfortune Has Found Happiness

 Meet Caramelo! She was rescued after Manejo Humanitario De Fauna Callejera received a call from a local. Caramelo was abandoned by the owner, she was rescued, that day, Caramelo grieved a lot.

Caramelo is highly afraid of the owner, afraid of people. Perhaps she lived in such a situation for several days. She will require a lot of love to make her trust our humanity again. Rescuers were waiting for the vet’s judgment on Caramelo’s condition.

“Love only love we have given to Caramelo the rescued puppy died from the fear. There are still a lot of lovely things to teach her and so many others to make her forget all she lived.”

Caramelo is starting to know the best version of humans and her tail doesn’t stop wagging, she already knows when you talk to her and treats her.

Today she met who her new family would be and they gave her presents we are still waiting for his medical checks and the review with the canine educator who will set the day when she can go home.

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