2 Month Old Puppy Beaten to Paralyzed By Owner, Never Gives Up Fighting To Stand Up High

On the way Animal rescue groupe passed by and found him. The puppy’s head had been hit by a stick the day before, the neighbor informed them. The dog owner hit him.

The neighbor saw him and then called fo rescue directly “His owner hit his head with a stick. then abandoned him at the side of the highway. In a coma, the puppy was.” The neighbor said.

Rescue team took him to the clinic. HE is only about two months old. The puppy was being tested by the veterinarian. Look out for contagious illnesses. Do a dog distemper test. His nose is dry.

Luckily, he has no CPV or distemper but he is still in a coma because he was hit on the head. Anti-inflammatory and drugs to relieve the pressure inside his head, as well as analgesic medications, were administered by the doctor.

He is much better now after two days of treatment. He is conscious now, eating and drinking like little tiger.

3 month after the little one got discharged from the hospital, the puppy is now living in the rescue camp. Every day, he enjoys playing with other furry buddies.

He is fully recovered and very playful.

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