A friendly Stray Dog Waits In The Same Place Every Day For Someone To Help

Remy, a sweet stray dog, was found by Howl of a Dog, a Romanian nonprofit organization devoted to dog rescue. He has been waiting at the same place every day for someone with a nice heart to look after him.

The rescuers discovered him while conducting a spay-neuter campaign in rural Romania.

In Romania’s rural areas, dogs are typically kept as guarding or protective “tools” rather than as family members.

Old, terrible “traditions” are still practiced there, where many dogs get their noses scorched with a hot iron to increase their immunity and treat distemper.

Remy has been left to fend for himself since, despite his friendliness, no one has provided him a home. They tried to find him a home during their stay, but no one was willing to take him in. It’s fortunate that the rescuers made the decision to keep him and started looking for a family outside of the rural area.

Because he is such a nice dog, he deserves a happy home.

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