Desperate Shelter Puppy Urges People Passing By To Play Games Through Kennel Bars

Stuck in a kennel at the Animal Care Center (ACC) in Brooklyn, New York, a dog named Barbie hoped someone could notice her.

The loving pooch was anxious for attention and quickly learned out how to encourage visitors to stop at her door. If she stretched her paws through the kennel bars, people would often pause and begin playing games with her.

ACC volunteer Manisha Shah was immediately struck by Barbie’s outstretched paws and begging face. She couldn’t help but offer her some affection.

“She is literally the most lovely little pup,” Shah told The Dodo. “When we passed her kennel, we said hi and offered her treats, and she would flop around in her kennel begging for attention and expecting to be taken out. Finally, it was her turn, and she stuck her small paws out through the feeding slot. She is irresistible!”

Barbie arrived at Brooklyn ACC after being relinquished by her prior caregiver. Losing her family, Barbie did everything she could to form ties with anybody who visited the shelter.

“She adored hopping around in the yard, pouncing on balls and plush toys,” Shah added. “She adored being cuddly with us on the bench, and we loved how curious she was about everything.”

Shah had a feeling it wouldn’t take long for Barbie to discover her perfect fit. She shared a video of Barbie to Boroughbred in Brooklyn, an Instagram account that campaigns for dogs at Brooklyn ACC, and was soon flooded with reactions.

“She was adopted fast!” Shah said. “One of our followers noticed our article and rushed to the shelter and adopted her quickly!”

Barbie’s new parents are enamored with their new family member and have developed an Instagram account dedicated to documenting their trips together. It’s evident that, from now on, Barbie will be getting all the attention she deserves.

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