Someone’s Careless Behaviour Made This Puppy So Aggressive

A small puppy had lost his mom when a natural calamity ravaged the neighborhood. He shouted out in anguish. He wanted his mother so much. Thankfully a bunch of compassionate folks rushed to his rescue. He didn’t want to be touched at first, unsure of what their hands could accomplish. But he settled down immediately and one of the rescuers was able to lift him up.

The puppy was placed in a secure spot and given new water. He was extremely thirsty! A compassionate man then placed him in the basket of his motorbike and transported him to their refuge. The small puppy found a dark spot in a corner to hide in and waited there until he felt secure enough to come out. But once he did, he couldn’t wait to eat!

The dog was given several toys to play with after his breakfast. He fell in love with a ball so they gave him another one! What a nice guy! The fluffy fella played like a master! After fun, it was time for a sleep. The puppy slept soundly. We are very pleased this little one was found in time. Aren’t you?

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