Boy Takes His Dog Out For A Sled Ride In The Snow

Children constantly find ways to have fun outside, no matter what the weather is like. Take this young child and his dog as examples. Following a recent snowfall in Romania, 12-year-old Andrei decided to take his dog, Pufi, on a sled trip.

Andrei smartly connected a blue and yellow sled to the rear of his bike. His dog Pufi understands what is going on and waits patiently on top of the bike for Andrei to climb on his sled and take him for a trip!

The video of the couple was shared on Facebook, and it caught the notice of CERT Transilvania, the local traffic authority. They decided to reward Andrei for giving joy to so many people by purchasing him a new bike.

“Andrei and Pufi have reminded us of childhood, when the simplest things brought us the most joys: snow, a sled, and a dependable buddy next to us,” CERT Transilvania wrote on Facebook. “Today, we also offered Andrei delight by gifting him a brand-new bike, outfitted with everything he needs for many years of riding to school or racing with Pufi.”

We wish Andrei and Pufi many more enjoyable sled trips this winter!

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