Disabled Dog Was Dumped in a Public Restroom, But It Turned Out to Be Best Thing That Happened To Him

Imagine a puppy’s anguish and anxiety when he was left behind in a public toilet. It must have been overpowering, especially without the certainty that he would be rescued by a good-hearted stranger. During that time, Hugo was only five weeks old – a stage when puppies are not yet capable of surviving on their own.

Theoretically, he was not alone, since he was left with his two siblings; nonetheless, they are still puppies that require regular care and attention. Luckily, Hugo and his sisters were rescued and transferred to a shelter.

Every situation has a cause for occuring – Hugo was abandoned to meet and live with a human parent who would love and support him. Carrie is a medical foster who offered to adopt Hugo. She takes in long-term dogs and puppies with severe injuries as a medical foster.

Carrie was introduced into Hugo’s life to offer him a nice environment despite his medical condition. According to Carrie, Hugo has many ailments that make him distinct from other dogs. He couldn’t use his back legs, and during his first week at Carrie’s, he suffered seizures. The seizures were caused by a spinal irritation detected by Hugo’s neurologist.

“We weren’t sure if he was going to make it or not; they hadn’t encountered a case like this before. He has a kind of dwarfism. He has neuro problems. He has immunological difficulties as well,” Carrie added. His disease makes ordinary insect bites uncomfortable for over 24 hours and requires medicine.

Owing to these unique medical issues, Hugo’s body behaves differently from other dogs. Yet, his disability makes him even more remarkable, and he matured into a dog full of love. With the aid of a supportive environment, his mobility has improved with many therapy.

Despite his diseases, Hugo is a loving dog that provides light and warmth with people around him. Max and his sister Denali are therapy dogs – Carrie brings them to airports and schools to meet people. Hugo has grown up into a cheerful and lively dog but gets tired often.

Carrie and her shelter have provided Hugo the greatest care and support. She formed so a deep relationship with Hugo that he even sleeps with her, snuggled up close to her heart. The medical foster guarantees that Hugo gets to spend his life most pleasantly, as it is understood that his life expectancy might be lower owing to his situation.

Carrie has an Instagram account where she publishes the material of Denali and Hugo. You may also find them in Suncoast Animal League – a charity group Carrie supports. Besides from cats and dogs, the shelter provides a home for rescued animals.

The organization has offered Hugo and Denali a fantastic platform to influence numerous people. Hugo’s narrative tells people that it’s alright to be different — that you can still share happiness despite things not working out as you plan. Watch the video below to discover the complete tale of the dog who got abandoned in a public lavatory.

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