Senior Dog Abandoned at Shelter Lives Out Last Days with a Bucket List

Biggs was on death row, as a senior dog with some health problems who was abandoned at a shelter. An organization rescued him, though, and he’s having love-filled adventures until his time comes.

Biggs is a senior dog with an undetermined age. He’s considered to be 10 or older, but no one is sure. What is apparent is that he landed up at a shelter, a tough destiny for a pup his age. He was rescued from death row, though, and is spending what time he has left with a foster who’s filling his last days with fun and adventure.

Biggs was removed from a full shelter in southern Virginia, courtesy to the Fredericksburg-based group One By One Deathrow Dog Rescue, which provides dogs slated to be killed a second shot at life. For Biggs, probable heart failure was bothering him. And now, it seems he has advanced cancer and is reaching the end of his life. His condition has made testing tough.

Despite the unclear diagnosis, though, his time is limited, therefore his foster and he have set off on a bucket list adventure. It includes stuff like walking on the beach and viewing a sunset with some chicken nuggets, having a candlelight steak supper, going to a pet store and selecting out a treat, having a picnic in a gorgeous spot, and appearing in the local paper.

The purpose more than anything, though, is to give him all the affection he has undoubtedly been lacking in his tough existence.

While Biggs is enjoying a lovely last act, most senior dogs surrendered to shelters aren’t that lucky. According to the ASPCA, older dogs have just a 25% adoption rate, whereas younger pups are around 60%. It might also be upsetting for an older animal to find oneself at a shelter when they were used to a specific household.

“When you turn your senior dog off in a busy shelter, especially if they haven’t visited a vet in a while or in a few years, and they have concealed under lying medical concerns – it may cause them to come to a head in full force because of the great stress and betrayal they are feeling,” says Chasity McFarland, Director of One By One Deathrow Dog Rescue.

“The dog you knew before you surrendered him/her, has now grown extremely ill and has begun wasting away right before everyone’s eyes until, in most cases, it’s too late and the last thing they ever knew was restricted contacts and a cold hard ground.”

With this in mind, and to give an aging pup the type of adventure Biggs is experiencing, consider adopting a senior dog!

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