High School Cross-Country Team Brings Unwanted Shelter Dogs Along On Their Morning Run

The cross-country running team from St. Joseph High School in Santa Maria, California, decided to invite their local shelter dogs along for a run in August 2016.

And the staff at the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter were delighted to allow their dogs to enjoy some sunshine and stretch their legs.

According to team coach Luis Escobar on Facebook, “I am not sure who was more excited and having the most fun… the dogs or the kids.”

I couldn’t help but smile when I viewed the video from the run on Facebook, and obviously I’m not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people, including coaches and runners from different schools, watched the video.

“After we got back, I posted something about it on our Facebook page,” Escobar explained to the Santa Maria Times. “It received hundreds of shares and thousands of likes almost immediately.” I had inquiries from coaches and sports directors all throughout the country.”

What began as a fun run with local shelter dogs appears to be spreading to schools across the country.

The run was also a local success, and the kids have already taken the dogs for another run.

I’m overjoyed because it’s fantastic for the dogs, gets them out into the community, and enhances the likelihood that they’ll be adopted soon.

“It’s a win-win situation,” Escobar remarked. The dogs receive plenty of exercise, and the kids get to know the dogs. Perhaps kids will discuss it with their parents and friends, and the dogs will become more adoptable.”

Check out the delightful video below:

This is a fantastic concept! The team members learn about the needs of animals. Encourages love, thinking, and hope in order to help overcome the issue of homeless shelter dogs. It’s a lot of fun to run in a pack. What joy!

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