Kira is a wolf who was abandoned as a baby and a woman adopted her to save her.

It is unusual for a wolf to be kept as a pet. A wolf named Kira is the subject of this story. Her mother abandoned her in the shelter three days after her birth.

She couldn’t live in the wild because she had been abandoned. A woman from Russia named Alida made the small wolf her domestic. When the wolf was 28 days old, she was adopted.


The wolf was born in the nursery and was hand-fed milk.She was often around people and children. She is incredibly sweet and never hurts anyone. She visited several places.

The wolf was made social and able to live in a civilised environment by a Russian woman named Alida, who also gained possession of it.

When they encounter new things, wolves in general confront difficulties. The woman takes all necessary precautions to ensure that the dog is not frightened by any situation.

Kira is now one year old. She is quite friendly with the woman’s son. His son is seven years old.

Passers-by who see the wolf want to know if it is wild, and they even snap pictures with the intelligent domestic wolf.

The wolf was domesticated as a result of this woman’s hard work and training.

He even believes that she does not approach people who are frightened of her. Even when dogs approach her, the wolf remains calm.

Kira is loved and cared for by a caring family, and the wolf might not be living if it weren’t for this woman.

She does her hardest to make the wolf’s life fascinating and enjoyable. In both public and private places, the wolf is always the centre of attention.

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