Vet Eats In Rescue Dog’s Cage To Make Her Feel Safe

Heartwarming stories of rescue dogs bouncing back from times of misery and pain seem to be just as numerous as the pleas for help for the animals still needing help.

One heartwarming story from Georgia includes Graycie, a rescue dog, and her compassionate veterinarian, who climbed into her cage with her every morning to eat food with her so she could begin establishing trust with her two-legged pals.

Dr. Andy Mathis of Granite Hills Animal Care in Elberton, Georgia, was among the many staff members who were astonished and dismayed to discover Graycie’s condition when she was brought into the facility. She was discovered dehydrated, hypothermic, anaemic, and with vaginal prolapse on a gravel road.

Graycie weighed only 20 pounds and appeared to be nothing more than skin and bones. Instead of euthanizing her, the staff decided to let her heal.

Graycie displayed many of the characteristics of a mistreated or neglected animal, including fear of humans. Dr. Mathis decided to ease her into social situations by dining with her in the morning.

Graycie originally flinched away, but she gradually becomes more at ease and begins eating her meal, probably even loving her company.

Although she has only been at the shelter for a few weeks, the staff is optimistic that with patience and lots of love, she will be ready to find her forever home soon.

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