Man Hates To See Dogs Suffering, So He Saves Over 1700 Abandoned Dogs

This man is the dog lover’s God. He performed a great thing by taking in around 750 dogs and spending his life caring for them all.

Shasha is the name of a man who has made it his life’s mission to adopt as many abandoned dogs as he can.

This individual Shasha is a famous animal rights activist in Serbia who opened his own dog sanctuary in 2008, which now houses over 750 dogs. His trip began one night when he discovered four abandoned puppies on the side of the road.

Despite his financial situation, he opted to keep the puppies and devise a strategy to rescue others.

He was assisted by six volunteers in running this dog sanctuary, where he supplied food and care to the dogs in need. This went smoothly for him because to the donations he received from all over the world.

He is a fantastic role model for dog owners and everyone who wishes to be inspired by his story. He has adopted approximately 400 dogs from his canter so far.

He had a dispute with the landowner because the land on which he opened was not his own. However, he requested that the land be donated to this good cause by the owner.

When the land issue went public, thousands of individuals signed a petition in support of sanctuary and requested that the government act, even temporarily.

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