Christmas Miracle Happens for a Homeless Man and His Injured Dog

Steve Anthony, a homeless man with terminal bone cancer, and River, his dog who was hit by a vehicle and severely damaged, both received “Christmas Miracles.” Steve was working at a Christmas tree lot in Roseville, California when the dog was hit.

The guy who hit the dog did not stop, but Jenifer Martin, the driver of the following car, came out to assist. She took River to Pet Emergency Centre and spent all of her money on the 9-month-old dog.

River, who was in poor health, had a shattered pelvis. As a result, Jennifer began raising donations for River and Steve on Facebook. Over $9,000 was raised in just 48 hours, and River had a successful surgery.

The money was sufficient for Steve to secure temporary housing while River recovered. They will spend a week in a motel while River recovers. What a wonderful Christmas surprise!

Please forward this to your family and friends.

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