Dog Runs Away From Forever Home All Because He Misses His Foster Mom Too Much

A dog finding its forever home is a rare occurrence. The abandoned and homeless dog now has a place to live and a family to adore. It’s the way dogs are supposed to live, and it’s what they all deserve.

But there was one problem with Geoffrey’s everlasting home: it wasn’t exactly what he wanted. He adored and missed his foster mom so much that he decided to take action.

Geoffrey ran away. He longed to see his foster mom again, so he decided to flee and look for her. However, the unfortunate dog became disoriented along the way and was even struck by a car.

Geoffrey, on the other hand, simply continued. Fortunately, his foster mother became aware of the situation and began searching for her long-lost companion. You don’t want to be late for the reunion if she does. Watch the moving video below!!

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