Heartbreak Chronicles: Annie’s Decade of Devotion Ends in a Tale of Betrayal and Shattered Trust ‎

Annie’s awareness will steal your heart. Aura was driving to meet her grandma one day when she came upon this small soul by the side of the road and decided to stop and question the proprietor.

Annie was tossed away like garbage since the proprietor no longer wanted her. In reality, her proprietor and son wanted to take her to the woods and leave her deep underground.

She was despondent and in terrible health, and she didn’t appear to have eaten in a long time.

Of course, Aura dipped her. Annie was bald, ill, infected with mange, and famished. She’s approximately 10 years old and really kind and loving. Those impressions! Previously, things were improving.

Aura brought her to the vet to see if there was anything wrong with her.

She spent the night with the vet after a wash and skin treatment. Her blood tests all came back negative! She is now in the care of Barking Frenetic Canine Deliverance, and she will have a long road to recovery!

She is currently doing well, and she is regaining her health and enthusiasm for life.

Despite what occurred, Annie remained strong and tried everything she could to rehabilitate and return to a life of happiness and love.

She is currently living with her new owner, who adores her and offers a nice environment for her.

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