Homeless Dog Visits Police Department For A Day And Ends Up Staying Forever

Bolo, a 3-year-old pit bull mix, was only scheduled to spend one day at the Hopkinsville Police Department. But his brief stay transformed into a permanent residence as he captured the hearts of everyone he encountered.

Bolo, a two-month-old shelter dog, was the first to participate in a programme called “Paw-Trol Wednesdays.” Royale Marfil, a Hopkinsville Police Department public relations officer, started the programme in mid-October to highlight a new shelter dog each week and assist them get adopted.

The programme was an instant hit for Bolo. Everyone at the Hopkinsville Police Department wanted to keep him from the moment he walked in.

“Once Bolo became comfortable and began to play with everyone, everyone asked, ‘Can we adopt him?'” ‘Are we able to keep him?'” Marfil revealed to The Dodo.

Bolo had such a good day seeing everyone at the police department that he fell asleep on the floor of Marfil’s office.

“He just kind of plopped down on the floor and started snoring,” she added. “He snores really loudly. “Seeing him relax completely and just fall into this deep sleep was probably my favourite part of the day.”

Bolo lowered his head and began to whimper when it was time to return to the shelter. He didn’t want to go. And no one at the police department wanted him to leave.

“I brought it to Chief Newby,” stated Marfil. “And he said, ‘Why not?'” “Let us keep him.”

Marfil devised a strategy with her coworkers. Bolo worked at the police department during the day and returned home with Marfil at night.

Marfil says Bolo knew he was going to be adopted when she drove him to PetSmart to get a collar and toys.

“That’s when he really got happy,” she explained. “He knew.”

With an official ceremony in early November, the officers welcomed Bolo to the team. He even received his own title: Hopkinsville’s first Paw-trol Officer.

Marfil says she’s had to adjust to people coming into her office to see Bolo rather than her.

“Everyone will pop into my office to say hi to him,” she said. “I think people forget that it’s my office since Bolo lives here.”

When Bolo has visitors, he usually gets a treat. In fact, he’s become accustomed to it.

Marfil says, “He’s about as much as a garbage disposal as a dog could get.” “If he hears any sort of wrapper crinkling — it doesn’t matter what it is — he is right at your feet, begging for whatever it is in your hand.”

Unlike the department’s working police canines, Bolo isn’t expected to do anything other than be himself.

“He has the biggest smile on his face every day,” Marfil says. “He will smile if you pet him.” If you’re having a rough day, he’ll put a big smile on your face.”

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  1. Bet Bolo will be good with any children that comes to station. Bet Bolo will help children feel better no matter what brings children to station

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